Why Am I Doing This?!?

April 20, 2014

I’ve come up with a theme for this years BBQ’s; WHY AM I DOING THIS?!

It’s a serious, hypothetical, funny and existential question all at once! Riddle me this. I’m trying to figure out how to curate, organize and finance these 2 parties so it’s ACTUALLY a fun experience for everyone involved, that enough people ACTUALLY WANT to come to, and how I can do it without losing money. I can’t afford to lose money on this because I currently make less than $20k/year, soooo…..

I’ve got Buck 65, Biblical, the Golden Dogs and a lot of other first-rate bands and artists all committed to performing; Justin Peroff’s been a huge support in pulling this all together; M for Montreal is putting a lot of their resources towards the BBQ on June 20th; and NXNE has arranged for Death Hymn Number 9 and MAS YSA to play. Everyone’s interest and support means so much to me, I’m just worried because I want the BBQ’s to both be SO FUCKING AWESOME from start to finish, and anything less than that is going to be a disappointment to me.

This is the paradox, I call my karaoke band “Good Enough” because we’re going for silver and bronze, quantity over quality. 3.5 hour sets with 120 songs of various genres in our repertoire, and getting out there and doing it. Performance over practice (though there is a shit-tonne of practicing involved). It’s about the attitude, having amateur singers get up and give it. Loving the songs and putting yourself into it, and having a good time are more important than a perfect performance. In contrast the BBQ’s are going for the gold, all killer no filler.

Speaking of karaoke; THIS THURSDAY, April 24th, the Good Enough KARAOKE BAND will be performing at the Press Club. Our guitar player Jesse Bellon put his MFA from York University (specializing in experimental video), to use and put this 2 minute clip together of our Karaoke band performance in February. It’s fun learning this many songs so quickly in such a wide variety of styles, especially since this is the first band I’ve ever played guitar in (besides Feral Cell, which doesn’t really count).

This. Thursday. April. 24th. At. The. Press. Club. 850 Dundas St W.

Spring Cleaning

April 14, 2014

Winter is finally over, and my brain is beginning to recover from 2+ months of flat-lining (I’m usually okay until early February), so I decided to do a spring cleaning of my face yesterday afternoon.

This is my beard on the floor of my office. All that hair is now in the garbage can in my kitchen.

And I present to you some beard related pics I’ve saved from Reddit over the past year or so:

Teenagers From Marrs

April 2, 2014

The gig on Sunday was amazing! Everything I hoped it would be. My life-long musical aspirations of singing Smiths, Misfits and Minor Threat covers in a dirty dingy basement were finally fulfilled. It only took me 20 years of playing in and documenting shitty bands that nobody else but me gave or gives a fuck about to make this one night happen!! Wooooo…..

We dragged Chris Colohan (Burning Love, ex-Left For Dead, ex-Cursed) up to sing the Minor Threat songs with us, which I think is pretty brag-worthy.

Fraser photoshopped together this representation of our band for Sunday night. I think it looks pretty bad-ass. The Smithfits brand is Scott Wade’s thing, so next time we do a Misfits/Smiths covers set we’ll have to bill ourselves as Teenagers From Marrs. Get it? Teenagers from Mars is a Misfits song, and Johnny Marr was the guitar player in the Smiths. Get it?! Not nearly as good a name as Smithfits, but still pretty clever if you ask me. OR if we ever do an all-Misfits covers set, we could bill ourselves as The Fake Misfits, but then people might think we’re the actual current Misfits…but that’s what makes it funny!

I recorded a live-off-the-floor demo of us playing This Charming Man last week in my basement. I think it turned out pretty good considering we’re just a karaoke band, and this was the 3rd time we’d ever played the song together.

Our next karaoke night is Thursday April 24th @ the Press Club, and then we’ll return to Parts & Labour on Thursday May 15th.

How Soon Is Now?

March 25, 2014

The next couple of weeks are going to be busy. On Wednesday, March 26th I’ll be DJing at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema before this brand new Goldfrapp Documentary that’s showing for 1-night-only!! The flyer below is a little confusing because it says there’s a performance after the movie, but it will be a screening of a live Goldfrapp performance from March 4th 2014 after the movie. Alison will be performing in Birmingham UK that night, so she will not be in attendance here in Toronto. I am the only live-in-person “performance”, from 8:45 when doors open until 9:30pm when the film starts. Maybe I should go all out and dress up like Ms. Goldfrapp and do a drag-show tribute to her? Probably not. I’ve only tried walking in heels once in my life for about 5 seconds and it did not go well.

At any rate, I’m honored that I’ve been asked to play some tunes when doors open, and I’m looking forward to seeing the doc. I might even wear my suit. I did some research about the lady in question after I was asked to play, and she’s led a pretty interesting life!

I’ve got a bunch of band practices this week because I’m performing a set of Misfits, Smiths and Minor Threat covers with Meh…Good Enough 182 1979 on Sunday March 30th. I scanned a bunch of photos of me from between 1995 and 1996 to demonstrate how excited 18-year-old me would’ve been about this. If you aren’t familiar with any of those bands I imagine these pictures won’t mean much to you other than shocking you with what I looked like 20 years ago before I grew my beard and my eyes glazed over into a dead-stare.

Here I am with some girl I dated in high-school, wearing a Morrissey t-shirt which features the cover photo from the cd single for We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful. I picked up those fancy yellow patent leather boots at the Doc Martens store in London UK during the summer of ’96. They were on the discount table for some reason. The leopard print was even fuzzy.


Hanging out in my parents van with Ian. I don’t remember where we were going, but I’m pretty sure the van was sitting in my parents driveway at that moment.

This one was taken in early-August 1996, a few hours before flying back to Canada from London after 5 weeks of doing humiliating dance and lip-sync routines to Steven Curtis Chapman songs in the streets of Brixton. Ahh the mem’ries! Though, I don’t look too traumatized there… STILL BRAINWASHED :)

Playing drums with Moral Outrage at the Belle River community center October 16th 1998, 3 days before my 20th birthday. I still play that same drum set with Soft Hell.

This picture was taken from a shoot in March 1996 for my highschool band Wonkavision’s tape Kill Pop Music. I would like to point out that I did not smoke any of that joint that Brandon was lighting because I was still “straight-edge” at that time. I didn’t start smoking weed until I moved to Toronto 10 years later.

LOOK!! Even back then I was doing Minor Threat covers! We also played Hybrid Moments and She by the Misfits as part of our live sets, but those didn’t end up on the tape.

I think I dressed up as a skeleton for Halloween every year from 1995 to 2000 when the costume finally ripped and fell apart.

Here’s Fraser, Jesse and I last week taking a devilocked selfie. All these years later Legacy of Brutality and Earth AD still do it for me. I give those albums both a perfect 10/10 rating.

The following Thursday, April 3rd I’ll be playing Izakaya Sushi House with Soft Hell. Come check us out if you’re out and about that night. We jam all the time, but we don’t play shows very often. We’ll be playing with 2 bands from Sudbury called Geyser, and Coast Redwood + another band from Toronto called Scotch Mist.

Check out Quicksand’s version of the Smiths – How Soon Is Now? I really like it, but it’s the sort of musical interpretation I can imagine a lot of Smiths fans hating. Good Enough’s versions of the Smiths songs attempt to be quite a bit more faithful to the originals.

Rye & Cigarettes

March 22, 2014

We had our regular Soft Hell practice yesterday (I’ve practiced with them every Monday and Friday afternoon since July), and I recorded the first hour of practice today and mixed everything down and sent mp3′s of the songs to Samson, Andrew and Vince before I went to P&L tonight. The songs still aren’t available to the general public but I think we’ll get something together for everyone soon.

After practice Vince asked me to record him playing this song by his old band from when he lived in Halifax, HP/MP.

I had no idea he could play piano like that!!

I Remember Nothing Vol 2

March 17, 2014

Good Enough played at P&L on Thursday, the 2nd installment of our monthly Karaoke night there. We played a 3.5 hour set, which I’m pretty proud of. I feel like I’ve actually done something after playing for that long, and it makes lugging all the gear around seem more worthwhile.

We’ll be playing a set of Misfits, Smiths and Minor Threat covers at Scott Wade’s birthday on Sunday March 30th for I Remember Nothing Vol 2, and then our regularly scheduled Karaoke night on Thursday April 10th.


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