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Waiting for the sun

March 31, 2001

Today has been a good day. Got up at 9:00, worked out at the U, did some work at the Cooper house, came home and got ready to go to Detroit.

We had a field trip for Culture and Ideas Class in Detroit. We were supposed to go downtown and talk about the Art Deco buildings, but it didn’t happen. The prof was late showing up the the Scarab Club behind the Detroit Institute of Art where we were to all meet. When he finally showed up, we decided to go to his house, and he’d give us a tour.

This guy lives the in the freakin’ GHETTO of Detroit. Burned out crack houses everywhere. No joke. BUT, inside, his house is unbelievable. I can’t even believe his art collection. I’m not going to get into it, because it’ll take way too long, but take my word for it, this guy’s place is like a palace/museum inside. He said he only paid $60,000 for the place because the area is so bad. The house is 3 stories + a basement, and is around 150 – 200 years old. Insane.

I just finished eating dinner. Lamb, cauliflower, and potatos. Apple pie for dessert.

March 30, 2001

Went out to see the DBG’s tonight. They wanted me to do some photos for them, so I figured I’d go out even though I have an internet assignment to do for Comm studies due tomorrow that I have to do now. Oh well.

The first band that played was called Lunacy. 5 wankers all done up: long hair, Megadeth/Slayer/Pantera shirts, white converse hi-tops, TAJ’s (tight-ass jeans)… the works. The singer looked sort of like Dimebag Darrel. He had a green fu-manchu. They played a bunch of covers by Slayer, Iron Maiden, and Metallica. Roy would’ve been in heaven. These guys all looked to be about 19-21 years old. I have no idea how they found each other, because they must be the only guys in the city like that in that age bracket. They were doing the headbang/twirl-the hair thing too. Hail Satan!

March 8, 2001

Again, I’m ruling the earth with an iron fist right now, as I’m updating my journal instead of studying for an exam I have in an hour that I didn’t start studying for until today. I got home from class this morning, with the intent of studying, but instead fell asleep for 3 hours, still tired from my all-nighter two nights ago. Blowin’ up!