Again, I’m ruling the earth with an iron fist right now, as I’m updating my journal instead of studying for an exam I have in an hour that I didn’t start studying for until today. I got home from class this morning, with the intent of studying, but instead fell asleep for 3 hours, still tired from my all-nighter two nights ago. Blowin’ up!

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  1. xstarstruckx Says:

    i hear you, brotha

    you’ve got my studying style down 🙂

  2. timmccready Says:

    The biggest problem is, that I think I did okay on the exam, encouraging me to not change my study habits, which is sort of good, except I’ll probably get a B+, instead of the A+ I might get if I actually studied. Oh well.

  3. xstarstruckx Says:

    you have to think about it this way…
    is the extra happiness that you receive from getting a better grade worth the time that you would have to spend studying? (i learned that from Econ)

    most of the time, i’d rather be relaxed and get not such a good grade, than stress myself out and maybe do a little better

    or maybe i’m just trying to justify not studying to myself..who knows 🙂

  4. timmccready Says:

    It this case, I think the sleep was worth it.:)

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