Went out to see the DBG’s tonight. They wanted me to do some photos for them, so I figured I’d go out even though I have an internet assignment to do for Comm studies due tomorrow that I have to do now. Oh well.

The first band that played was called Lunacy. 5 wankers all done up: long hair, Megadeth/Slayer/Pantera shirts, white converse hi-tops, TAJ’s (tight-ass jeans)… the works. The singer looked sort of like Dimebag Darrel. He had a green fu-manchu. They played a bunch of covers by Slayer, Iron Maiden, and Metallica. Roy would’ve been in heaven. These guys all looked to be about 19-21 years old. I have no idea how they found each other, because they must be the only guys in the city like that in that age bracket. They were doing the headbang/twirl-the hair thing too. Hail Satan!

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  1. brokn2pieces Says:

    indeed, hail satan.

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