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Look back and laugh…

April 14, 2001

Guess what? Surprise, surprise!! The Zao show on May 30th is cancelled! I just got an email a couple of minutes ago. I guess their new singer has finals and is graduating that weekend. I can understand if he just enrolled in University in that past 2 weeks, but otherwise, why the heck did they bother me with trying to book the show when this graduation etc.. has probably been planned for months and months? Whatever. Just glad I didn’t sign any contracts for the hall yet.

Taken by surprise!

April 9, 2001

Gave Matt the newest PJ Harvey CD for his birthday yesterday. Hope he likes it. We’ve been going to each others birthday parties for the past…18 years now. We’ve been friends since I was 4 years old. There might’ve been times where we didn’t hang out for a couple of months here and there, but there’s never been a time where we’ve not been friends.

We went and picked up Sairah after dinner and went and saw Blow. It was ok, but nowhere near as good as Scarface. If you are thinking about going and seeing Blow and haven’t seen Scarface, save your money and rent Scarface. We went downtown after for coffee, and walked along the Detroit River.

We were talking about Sairah’s crazy roommate at school. She’s been telling her since November that she’s not going to be staying there in the summer, so she has to find another room mate. Well, her roommate is now saying that she doesn’t want another roommate so Sairah’s going to have to pay her half of the rent all summer. Needless to say, Sairah’s getting pissed. So, we decided that if Al doesn’t find a roommate, then Sairah will just go downtown and find the scariest looking bum she can, and give him the key and a piece of paper with the address on it, and let him stay in her room for the summer while she’s not there. Either that, or make 50 keys, and go to the downtown mission and give them all out.

My sister had a test today to see if the cancer she had four years ago came back. She had thyroid cancer. The test came back positive for thyroid. It may not be cancerous, but she’s not supposed to have any thyroid left, so she has to go through treatment again. It’s not as bad as chemotherapy or anything, but she has to drink the largest dose they give of radioactive idoine, to try and completely kill any thyroid she has left. The thing that stinks is that you’re never completely cured until everything is gone for 5 years, so now she has to start all over again. So if anyone reading this believes in God, if you could pray for her that’d be great.

Never get any rest.

April 4, 2001

I’m at school now. Nobody is here except for Ted the T.A. I’m going to go to the CAW centre soon to study until Comm Studies class starts at 11:30. Only a week and a half left of class and then a few days of exams. I can’t believe how fast this semester has flown by. I did an estimate yesterday on a bathroom renovation at one of my friend’s parents’ house. Some of my summer plans may hinge uponwhether or not I get this contract because of how well it will pay considering the size of the job.

Today is the day

April 2, 2001

I’m having a great day today. I went and got some money back from the school this morning for some stuff they overcharged me for, and finished my bronze sculpture in class.

My sculpture is of an African mask, with dreads, a gun sticking through his head, smoking a doob. I don’t know why, but for some reason I still find Beavis and Butthead type humor funny. I don’t use them, but I think drugs are funny. Not real drugs. Movie drugs.

Yesterday, I finished painting the room I started on Thursday. As I started to roll the paint on the ceiling, I was getting an intense feeling of satisfaction from how great the room looked. Yes. That’s me.