Modern Publicity

Got back last night from Ian’s cottage at about 1:30 am. Spent the weekend canoeing, fishing, and chilling out. There was no running water so I went without a shower the entire 3.75 days up there. We brushed out teeth using bottled water.

Saturday we went to a used bookstore about an hour north of his cabin. I bought 4 books:

Kennedy & Nixon by Christopher Matthews – I’ve been wanting to read something on both of these guys, so I was happy to find a book with which I could kill two birds with one stone

Modern Publicity : 1977 – I want to get out of doing renovations and house painting etc.. and get into graphic design in the next few months or so, so I’ve been trying to buy lots of inspiration books, and stuff that will give me ideas and have some sort of idea about what I’m doing. Lot’s of ads, posters and packaging featured from 1977.

2001 filming the future – a coffee table book about the makeing of 2001: a space odyssy.

Montgomery Clift by Patricia Bosworth – I had heard about this book a few years ago from a friend and heard it was crazy. The only things I know about this guy is that he was an actor (he was in the Misfits with Marilyn Monroe among others), and they mention his name on one of the songs on London Calling by the Clash.

I almost bought a book about John C. Delorean, the automaker (the time machine in Back to the Future is a Delorean), but didn’t bother in the end, and now I’m wondering if I should of. I hate the regret of not buying a book, and then never being able to find it again. After reading Lee Iacocca’s autobiography a few weeks ago, it whetted my appitite to read about more guys in the auto business. It’s kind of a pertinent subject around here too, since Windsor and Detroit are each the motor cities of Canada and the US.

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