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I hate to be negative, and I know I say this every single day… but I hate this city. I just want to leave SO bad. I keep telling myself “Only 2 more years”. If I take enough overload courses, I can cram 8 semesters into 5. I already have 9 credits out of the 40 I need. I took 6 classes this past semester, and got 3 A’s, and 3 B’s. I’m going to take 6 again this next semester, and audit a class that I already have a transfer credit for, and then take 7 classes for the next 3 semesters. Only 4 more credits unaccounted for. I’m hoping that internships give 2 credits, in which case I’ll do another one for 2 months next summer full time, and then I’ll go to summer intersession, and pick up the other 2 credits. If the internship is only worth 1 credit, I’ll skip it until after I graduate, and take 2 credits during the spring semester. I’ll be out April 2003. Then I just have to find someone to hire me and get me away from this city of POOP!!! I’ll still only be 24. I HAVE A FUTURE!!! YEEE-AHH!! probably. This place sucks.

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  1. brokn2pieces Says:

    Does someone need a widdy-bitty vacation?
    Come to Seattle dawg, what the hell’s wrong with you?
    My intern is a cool guy, not half as cool as you of course but that goes without saying. He said somethig last night that reminded me of you. I almost cried. I did, really.
    Any more thoughts on burning that house of worship? You can join some Canadian black metal band, wear corpse paint etc etc You’d be too legit for the pit then for sure.

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