I wish that tonight I had a girl to drive around with and hold her hand…
I have a lot of I wishes.
I feel sometimes like I’m halfway there. Sometimes I wish I were dead.

11 Responses to “”

  1. karma_kayto Says:

    I’m full of I wishes.
    You just have to remember sometimes that there’s always that chance something might happen.
    There’s always something, no matter what it is really, to look forward to.
    I hope your wishes are fulfilled.

  2. halfwaypretty Says:


    i will let you hold my hand….if i can hold yours…

  3. timmccready Says:

    Re: hehe…

    hmmm….. 🙂

  4. the_nephilim Says:

    Hey! You drove around in your car with me tonight! Isn’t that enough?!?!?

    I feel used.

  5. timmccready Says:

    well, I didn’t hold your hand, and you’re not a girl. Unfortunately.

  6. brokn2pieces Says:

    Can I recommend alcohol? I can’t beleive I stayed sber for this many years – it’s quite enlightening.
    By the way, I am going to K Fest it seems – let’s work on a time for you coming here. It would b good to hang out even if we can’t hold hands.

  7. timmccready Says:

    heh. 🙂 I should try and call you at the office tomorrow sometime. We’ll figure out a date.

  8. sadsongs Says:

    i know how you feel. funny how holding hands seems to calm everything down…all of the twisted thoughts and hopes that are held inside due to an incessent fear of rejection…or is that just me. i’m having a lonely moment so don’t laugh at me too hard 🙂

  9. timmccready Says:

    no one’s laughing 🙂

  10. sadsongs Says:

    good deal 🙂

  11. Anonymous Says:

    If wishes were horses, then I am positive my toes would get stepped on! Owwweeeee…..

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