I think I”m going to bring my resume down to 89X tomorrow (it’s a radio station here in Windsor). If I don’t at least get some kind of interview, they’re seriously retarded, because my resume is so stacked. Canada sucks. I HATE IT HERE!!! Yeah. Anyways. I have the morning off, so I thought I’d waste some time and do that. Roy: I put you down as a reference. I’ll give you a call at the office sometime tomorrow. I’ll leave a message on your answering machine.

10 Responses to “”

  1. abstracttouch Says:

    im sorry, but if you have any canadian pride at all you wouldn’t even consider workign at 89(su)X

  2. timmccready Says:

    I don’t have any Canadian pride. I think Canada bites the big one. I wish we would just join up with the US. GOOOOOOOOOOO GUNS AND CRACK!!!

  3. the_nephilim Says:

    Preach it brotha! Canada licks it compared to the US.

  4. abstracttouch Says:

    I’m not even going to start

  5. timmccready Says:

    you gotta understand…I travelled a lot last year..I lived up in Hamilton for 6 months, then Austin, Chicago and Seattle for 2 months each…and I must say…Canadians are such pricks compared to Americans. At least in my experience. Plus..there’s so little opportunity here compared to the US. I’m just speaking for myself, and from my experiences. I want to get the heck out of Canada and get on with my life. To each their own though, right ?

  6. bryn Says:

    Well see, that’s your problem… you’ve lived in Windsor and Hamilton. Not exactly the best cities in Canada for making you glow with patriotic pride. I have trouble understanding how you can like the US so much better, but you’re right. To each their own. G’luck.

  7. the_nephilim Says:

    None taken.

  8. timmccready Says:

    heh. Yeah. I erased that message, and blocked him.

  9. the_nephilim Says:

    SWEET. That’s so funny. Hehe.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Blame Canada…


    Emperor3d is a homo.

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