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James Karlsen is the man of the hour

April 19, 2003

Tonight was pretty awesome. We went to the Loop, and right around 2:00 I go up to Dustin, and he’s sitting on a couch with Carrie and he says “That guy over there just spit a big wad of snot on me.” And he got some on Carrie’s shirt and purse. So I’m all ‘hey you want to fight him?” even though I’m a big puss and it’s not like I can fight anyways.

So we go over to James and ask him to back us up since he’s bouncing tonight, and Dustin goes over by himself and asks the guy “who has the spitting problem?”. He was obviously looking for a fight in the first place to start spitting on someone he doesn’t know, and starts getting in Dustins face. James runs over and leaps across the table and punches the guy in the jaw and starts screaming at him. The guy was all n*sync and was completely shocked off his ass. He took James advice and just left instead of fighting us. Then me and Dustin stood in front of his friends laughing about how awesome that was. Yeah. We’re tough by proxy.