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July 28, 2003

I just got back from a party and I was the only white person there.
I’ve got the asian connection.

Sure there were some guys there too but who wants to see them anyways?

July 27, 2003

Dustin and I got back to Windsor at around 6:00pm last night. Balvert had a bunch of people over last night and we thought we were going to be late, but we showed up around 7:00 and we didn’t start the bbq until 9:00.

Around 10:00 there was around 20 guys and 5 girls, so the testosterone levels went overboard and an arm wrestling competition ensued.

Then a bunch of hot girls showed up. There were 10 of them even though I only got pics of 3.

The only problem is they were all 16 and 17. (And umm..nooo that’s NOT alcohol they’re drinking) I ended up talking to the above gorgeous 17-year-old for like an hour and a half. I swear she was lying about her age. She’s gotta be 22. And NO I didn’t try to touch her.

Tiff was teaching the young girls dirty things.

I was mad hoeing on Jesse’s girl while he was puking.

Bela Legosi’s dead

July 27, 2003

Friday night was good times. Dustin and I went out to meet Lea, Shannon and Chris at the Majestic for drinks around 11:00, and off to City Club around midnight. Man-o-man. That place is the best. Dorkfest 2K3. We walked in there and everyone looks like this:

Well not really. They actually looked uglier and sillier. Sort of like that goth dance party scene in Blade II, except everyone was ugly. There was a naked chick on the dance floor wearing nothing but a thong. She had the grossest butt, and nipples the size of dimes. Blech. I didn’t recognize even one song, it all just sounded like the most generic industrial music, but at least the dj kept the beats flowing steady unlike a lot of other shitty djs I’ve had to put up with lately. I think we’re gonna go back sometime, but bring a crew and we’ll all be gothed out and get drunk in the parking lot beforehand. The Deportees gotta come down for that.

We ate at Denny’s after and then drove out to Flint around 6:00am to hang out at Lea’s place. Good times. On the way there we saw a burning semi. It was really hot as we drove by.


July 2, 2003

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