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August 5, 2003

I’m back already.

I left for the concert on Tuesday evening. I’m driving along the 401 at London and BAM!!! I blow a tire.

So I change to my spare and head to Canadian Tire on Wellington only to find it closed. So I have no choice but to just drive the rest of the 2 hours to Toronto. Went to Julie’s place, went out to eat, blah blah blah. Went to sleep.

Wednesday we met up with B&J and D&C , had some drinks and headed off to the Stones concert.

Wow. We left after a couple of hours because the sound was so shitty and we couldn’t even see people on stage. Beers were $6 and there were just TOO many people to move anywhere. So we went back to the house for drinks and bbq.

Worked Thurday night and Friday at my Grandparent’s place in Burlington. I painted their balcony on the top floor (17th) of the condo they live in.

Headed off to Toronto once I was finished and picked up Nick. We went downtown to the Shanghai Cowgirl. Some girl named Seville came over and started talking to him about his hair and touching him. Julie showed up and by couple hours later, our drink tab was $65?! We went to Coffee Time after only to find somebody had wiped their ass on the toilet seat.

Party the next night at Nick’s

Thinking of changing the name of my journal to “Tim’s Hetero-hard drive of home-erotic pics of naked men”

Nick was dancing in his boxers to DJ Assault on the street, while everyone took turns trying to hit him with slices of watermelon.

This is Julie. Is she my girlfriend? Well no, not really, since we both don’t really like the idea of a long distance relationship, but it’s a definite possibility. We spent a lot of time together this week. We met and made-out at a youth-group camp in Muskoka 7 years ago. She was almost 16 and I had just turned 18. Strange how you can end up getting back in touch sometimes.

We went to Lee’s Palace for Blow-up after the party.
I showed up at my uncles house today for my Grandpa’s birthday party and found out everyone had just left since I was supposed to be there 5 hours earlier. I could’ve sworn it was dinner event. I was informed there was also no work for me to do there for another 2 weeks, hence, no reason to stay around Burlington.

I went to the Minus the Bear show in Hamilton with Sarah and her boyfriend and then drove back to Windsor at 1:00. And here I am.