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November 27, 2003

Tomorrow night I’m going to the BFA show for the graduating Visual Arts students at the University of Windsor and expect to end up at the Loop sometime later that evening.

If you want to see me before I leave and haven’t already made plans with me, that is the time! Come buy me a drink, give me a kiss, and some money while you’re at it.

I will not be back until May 22nd. And I have no idea how long I will be around for then.


On that note, I’ve been thinking about my friends and the past year and people who’ve meant a lot to me in the past few years that I haven’t seen in a long time. There’s no big speech behind these thoughts, or promises. It’s just cool to think about all the people that are or have been important. Even if I don’t talk to some of them right now.

I had a dream last night where me, Nick, Matt and Ian were all hanging out again and I was thinking to myself, “This is weird.”

I’m excited about Saturday. Seems like a great way to spend my last weekend here. Partying in Hamilton with all my friends. Since I started looking for a new job a few months ago we haven’t seen as much of each other as we used to, but this has been one of the best years of my life and obviously you guys are all responsible. Well there’s my speech. Boo hoo hoo. I’m sure I’ll make another drunken one on Saturday night.

Just a thought. For the ladies.

November 20, 2003

The secret to a good kiss is having style. All it requires is a LITTLE thought.

Hopefully lots of gentle lip biting, accented with tongue. No shoving your tongue in my mouth and keeping it there.

It’s like dancing. You have to try and be creative, and do things you haven’t done already, go with the rhythm. Pay attention to what the other person is doing. It’s give and take.

It can get sloppy and crazy after awhile, but not right away. I don’t want your slobber and drool all over my cheeks within the first 30 seconds.

If the girl uses her tongue like a jack hammer and opens and closes her mouth at warp speed it’s like having my mouth raped. Slow the fuck down!

And having fresh breath is a life or death situation!! Please no smokey cigarette breath. It kills it. Carry around some lifesavers or tic tacs damnit!!

But in my experience MOST girls are good kissers. It’s only a few who need this lesson. I’ve heard a lot worse stories about guys. But I wouldn’t know because I’ve never kissed a dude and I don’t plan on it.

cheesecake club

November 5, 2003

This was the opening band, the Suede Shadows. The real band.

This was Matsumi Valentine and the Hiroshimas, the “band” I am in with Jen.

More to come!