Just a thought. For the ladies.

The secret to a good kiss is having style. All it requires is a LITTLE thought.

Hopefully lots of gentle lip biting, accented with tongue. No shoving your tongue in my mouth and keeping it there.

It’s like dancing. You have to try and be creative, and do things you haven’t done already, go with the rhythm. Pay attention to what the other person is doing. It’s give and take.

It can get sloppy and crazy after awhile, but not right away. I don’t want your slobber and drool all over my cheeks within the first 30 seconds.

If the girl uses her tongue like a jack hammer and opens and closes her mouth at warp speed it’s like having my mouth raped. Slow the fuck down!

And having fresh breath is a life or death situation!! Please no smokey cigarette breath. It kills it. Carry around some lifesavers or tic tacs damnit!!

But in my experience MOST girls are good kissers. It’s only a few who need this lesson. I’ve heard a lot worse stories about guys. But I wouldn’t know because I’ve never kissed a dude and I don’t plan on it.

19 Responses to “Just a thought. For the ladies.”

  1. kid_icarus75 Says:

    true that. i remember kissing this girl once who just like was trying to lick my tonsils or something. she told me that ‘i was funny because i kissed with my lips and made noise.’

    what a shame… she had a pretty face too. (and i hear she does anal.)

  2. lovelustkill Says:

    i’ve dabbled on both sides of the gender equator…
    and i have to say that by far, girls are much much better kissers.
    mind you, i’ve kissed far more boys than girls.

    also suggest the the kissing scene in cruel intentions between selma blair and sarah michelle gellar for a good visual learning tool. that is a kiss.

  3. emperor3d Says:

    I’ve only had one girl who was a bad kisser — she was all about the rapid-succession tongueing/snogging. It freaked the fuck right outta me.

  4. brokn2pieces Says:

    true, bad kissing can ruin the whole thing.
    If someone goes into the kiss mouth open – it’s over……OVER!

  5. xcricketx Says:

    I’m the best kisser in the entire universe.

  6. iatejimmysworld Says:

    i’ve been told i’m a really good kisser. and i think guys could benefit from that lesson more than girls. but then again, i don’t have that much experience kissing girls either. and as a ps: i really don’t mind cigarette breath. i actually find it a little hot. 😡

  7. xcricketx Says:

    Ok, to the iatejimmysworld girl….I think your username is hilarious, I love it. 🙂

  8. timmccready Says:

    Yuck. She probably does gangbangs too.

  9. timmccready Says:

    never seen it. I’ll have to check it out though. How is it that between all these girls out there that will kiss other girls, and all the girls that I’ve kissed, I still can’t hook up a 3some?

  10. timmccready Says:

    Out of the 150 (+/-) girls I’ve kissed in the past year, I think less than 5 were bad kissers. But those few…are they EVER bad!!

  11. timmccready Says:

    word. I must agree!

  12. timmccready Says:


  13. timmccready Says:

    it’s true, girls are better kissers. That’s why I put the thing at the end about most girls being pretty good. I was just thinking last night about one particularly horrid kisser , and I had been talking to somebody about kissing technique on AIM so I thought I’d share my thoughts.

  14. Anonymous Says:


  15. _bethany Says:

    I’m with you. I like smokers.

  16. writerzblock Says:

    im gonna quit smokin soon…actually, im down to like 2 a day.

  17. timmccready Says:


  18. timmccready Says:


  19. thesoftkisses Says:

    Yeah. I really hate it when people are sloppy kissers… and think the toung s the main part of the kiss. Hello… you kiss with your lips… you accentuate with your teeth and tounge.. its not the main event.
    I’m with you on the nastiness of smokers… eeew…
    Btw.. you post shit like that, you must come make out with me now. That little bit got me going.

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