Sea Change

I’m in the middle of the ocean somewhere. And I’m on the internet!!! The only thing that sucks is that I have to pay 17centsUS per minute to use it. BOOOO.

Anyways I got here at 8:00am yesterday but didn’t get a room until 6:00pm and by that time they’d lost my luggage. Everything. My underwear, my soap, my razors, my shoes, my books. Well they finally found it this morning, so it’s all good. And they gave me a shitload of clothes for free for my uniform. I got a pair of shorts, 2 pairs of khaki pants, 2 pairs of black pants, 3 polo shirts, a suit jacket, 2 ties, and 2 white button-up shirts.

Beer here is only 75cents a can or $1.10 per bottle. Shots are 75cents. So all everyone does is get wasted.

It’s a fucking sausage party here. There’s hardly any girls. The only hot ones are the dancers and of course there’s 1000 other guys dying to get into like 6 girls pants. Gross.

There’s hardly any Americans here. Some Canadians, a jillion philipinos and other random assortments. I’m the only rock and roll animal.

19 Responses to “Sea Change”

  1. iloveandroids Says:

    sounds like jolly fun!!!!!:) i want shots for .75

  2. equally_divided Says:

    Well I hope you survive your trip………just remember your getting paid to be there!!!!!! And whatever you do don’t get DESERTED ISLAND syndrom while you are there! Wear sunscreen!!!!!!!!!!!!111 Ttyl :o)

  3. joeyjack Says:

    life here

    So I am riding along side Cuba right now on my way back to Ft Lauderdale, its only 12 cents a minute to use this internet..

    Drinks here are 60 cents for a beer, 2 bucks for a double highball,

    We always party last night we had a charity auction and the crew raised over 3000 bucks for a childrens charity in Mexico.

    There isa good mix of men and women here butyeah man the pilipinos.. heheh are everywhere!

    Lots of islanders too eh? YA MON EVERTING IRIE!

    How many crew ojn your ship? we got 740.. whats your itinerary?!!

    Details man!

    I;m not sure about that ship but on this one.. the cruise staff are the party people

    ciao for now


  4. carcrash_love Says:



    life vest.

  5. superficiallove Says:

    good to know you’re having fun.

    i’m gunna write you a letter.
    i just got pictures developed so you get some of those too.
    be safe.

  6. mateomonkey Says:

    its so not the love boar i imagined you on board.
    give isaac the bartender my love

    -count fagula

  7. bubbahotep Says:

    dude, I told you you would be married to a philipino man/boy by the end of your fucking run!!

  8. amy0654 Says:


    you’re hot!

  9. timmccready Says:

    it is!! I gotta watch so my alcohol tolerance doesn’t get too high or it’s gonna cost me a fortune when I get home!

  10. timmccready Says:

    I brought a big bottle of Hawaian Tropic with me. The weird thing is that if I didn’t tan, I’d probably never see the sun since I’m inside all the time.

  11. timmccready Says:

    Re: life here

    We were at the Caymen Islands today, and Cozumel tomorrow, Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday. I can’t wait to go to Sawgrass Mills, there’s a bunch of shit I need to buy!!! We have just under 1000 in crew, something like 2000 passengers, but it’s 99% old people since it’s a 10 day cruise and it’s pretty expensive.

    Sounds like you’ve got a better deal than me. How’s the food there? Maybe I should hook up with Royal next contract instead of Princess? At least the hours here aren’t bad. I work an average of 3-5 hours a day. That’s including doing things like putting a movie in a VCR and watching it for 2 hours.

  12. timmccready Says:

    Ok. I’ve got one in my room. !!!

  13. timmccready Says:

    Awesome. I’ll be waiting for it. Burn me some cds if you can too!!!! I wish SOO bad I had brought more music. I don’t know what I was thinking. ???!!?!?! There’s not too much to be UNsafe about here. Except for maybe not washing my hands or jumping overboard.

  14. timmccready Says:

    I’ll be sure to.

  15. timmccready Says:

    Will you be my best man?

  16. timmccready Says:

    Re: wow


  17. carcrash_love Says:




  18. timmccready Says:

    awesome! I’m looking forward to them.

  19. carcrash_love Says:

    its me being random and talking about DP

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