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So I hear that there´s a lot of snow back home.

January 17, 2004

-I´m seriously beginning to appreciate the benefits of my job. Maybe it was something about receiving packages this week from Roy in Seattle, Bethany in Boston and an unknown (is this Brea, just trying to be weird? Or actually somebody I haven´t met?) in Windsor. It sort´ve made me feel that you don´t have to live near your friends to appreciate them, or something like that. Me being away now means it´s going to be that much more of party when I go home.
It´s looking like a promotion may be possible in the next month. I won´t say yet that it´s likely, but it´s possible, and will mean about double my current salary if it happens.

-I´m liking the Jealous Sound cd. It sounds just like Knapsack.

-I found an amazing bookstore in Ft Lauderdale called Bob´s News. And it´s not that far from the port. They have the entire REsearch and Juno Books collections in stock which I think I may just have to buy out sometime soon. Now I just need to find a record store.

-Has anybody besides Shannon recieved a postcard from me? Everyone needs to keep sending me letters. Enclosing Cd´s and photographs is optional, but appreciated.

-I called a bunch of people while I was in Ft Lauderdale 2 days ago but Bethany was the only one who answered her phone. And my parents.

-Blaxploitation and John Waters´ movies have changed my life.