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May 6, 2004

According to the MAC-report that came in today (which details who is coming and who is leaving), my replacement is still scheduled to show up in Vancouver on the 15th of this month, and on the Leavers List, I’m scheduled to leave on the 29th, but there are no flight details.

I even have my next contract scheduled which puts me in a good place:
I’m scheduled to go to the Grand Princess on June 28th. On the one hand this is bad, because this gives me 1 day short of a month for vacation BUT it’s doing a Baltic cruise. Copenhagen, overnight in St Petersburg, Oslo and all these other crazy european ports.

I’m still hoping for a promotion and that could still happen. I was expecting a 2 month vacation instead of only 1 (not like it’s paid though), but if I have to be stage crew again, and only have a month off, I’m not going to complain they’re sending me off to Europe. Hopefully it’s only a 4 month contract. 2 months in Europe, and then 2 months back here in the Carribean. And then I could be home for Christmas.

May 1, 2004

Less than a month now until I disembark the ship. May 29th. I’ve been thinking of delaying my flight for a week so I can go down to see people in Seattle, but I haven’t even talked to anyone yet and I’m not sure if it’s too late to change my flight date. I need to get on that shit.


-you have the internship
-you MAYBE have the internship
-you don’t have the internship
-Oh WAIT. I guess maybe you can have it.
-Nope. No you can’t come here.

I’m getting sick of this shit. I’m beginning to think this is just not going to happen. I’ll need a miracle if it is, and I’m not expecting anything anymore. It’s fucked up when you work so long towards something and then you can’t get it because you’re Canadian. Fuck the USA.

We were in Aruba today but I wasn’t allowed off the boat.

I’m going to try and kiss as much ass as I can around here for the next month so that I can get a promotion next contract. Maybe coming back to another ship wouldn’t be so bad if I had a promotion. The money would be INTENSE, and the work load even lighter (which is already ridiculous). The good news is I’ve saved enough money to buy a bomb-ass laptop to bring on my next contract. I’d also be out of debt within a year. Actually, more like 3 months. I’ll be coming home at the end of this month with a new camera, a shitload of hard-to-find books, and over $3000 US in the bank.


So yeah, anyways, I’ll be back in Windsor on Saturday May 29th and I’ll be expecting to party that night, or I’ll be back a week later. So June 4th or 5th. I’ll let you know.