Nothing but complaints

It’s devils night and I’m stuck at sea on a ship with a bunch of boring people. I’m not dressing up for Halloween. A lot of other crew members say they have so much fun partying when they’re at sea, and don’t drink when they go home on vacation since there’s nothing to do there. I only drink here so I can stand the other crew members. ha.

We’re in Ft Lauderdale tomorrow, but I’m on IPM (in port manning) which means I have to stay on the ship all day and do nothing. The reason is so if the ship goes down while we’re in port, there’s enough crew available vacate passengers who are aboard. They shouldn’t be on the ship while we’re in port anyways.

I’m flying home to Windsor in exactly 3 weeks, Saturday November 20th. I don’t know how long my vacation is.

I watched What About Bob? last night for the first time in like 15 years or whenever it came out and it’s actually pretty funny. Lately I feel like I relate to the villains more than the heros in movies.

I’m so bored of being a part of bad entertainment. Princess Cruises has the worst comedians, magicians and jugglers ever. From what I’ve seen working here, a magician is somebody who spent a bunch of money on expensive props and ugly clothes. Anyone with $15,000 can be a magician. The Magician who’s been doing shows on board for the past 2 weeks is 21 and his wife is 18. WHAT THE FUCK.

25 Responses to “Nothing but complaints”

  1. undermypink Says:

    Dress up as Carl Leone. lol

  2. tielesstuckless Says:

    You don’t know how long your vacation is? I thought you were done this time? I got the postcard, thanks. We’ll party it up for sure when you get down. See ya when you get here.

  3. tielesstuckless Says:

    are you naked?

  4. undermypink Says:

    Not right now unfortunately..but I’m not wearing undies..why?

  5. tielesstuckless Says:

    it just looks like you are in your LJ pic.

  6. undermypink Says: that pic I was not wearing a shirt..I think I had boys undies on.

  7. tielesstuckless Says:

    it was just an observational question. Girls in boys undies is hot and w/ their buttonup dress shirts on after a night of hot sex.

  8. undermypink Says:

    he he…no boys shirts for me though 😦

  9. undermypink Says:

    you own one?

  10. tielesstuckless Says:

    that sucks

  11. tielesstuckless Says:


  12. undermypink Says:

    Well then…whatcha up to?

  13. tielesstuckless Says:

    I’m about to go to a bar w/ my g/f and 2 gay guys

  14. undermypink Says:

    Hehehe have fun…is she wearing the shirt?
    You guys dressing up for hallowe’en?

    She could be the hott girl all disheveled after sex.

  15. tielesstuckless Says:

    she’s wearing a suit w/ a tie, i’m not dressing up, the other guys are wearing eyeliner ‘n’ shit
    and on the other point, that won’t be until later

  16. undermypink Says:

    Have fun tonight!

  17. tielesstuckless Says:

    thanks, are you from windsor?

  18. tielesstuckless Says:

    well, i’ll talk to you later, have a good night

  19. undermypink Says:


  20. joeyjack Says:

    i got my post card!
    thanks man
    i’m going back to ships in march
    i’m going as a shoppie

  21. timmccready Says:

    still need to make more money to pay off all my school debt. I’m going to offer to go back as soon as they need me, ie before christmas, if they give me a promotion.

  22. timmccready Says:

    Hey whatever happened to him anyways? Is he in jail yet?

  23. undermypink Says:


  24. nohopenoharm Says:

    your posts cheer me up everytime… cheer up little sailor, you come home soon!

  25. daftgirl6 Says:

    hi Tim!

    Tim! i just wanted to say hi! how are you? you can email me if you have the time.

    later! 🙂


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