Seriously, this time I’m getting back into my permanent.record project. I really want to finish this project so I put a bunch up in my room so that I can remember to do it.

I’ve been working on this for like 2 years now.

27 Responses to “permanent.record”

  1. brokenandbled Says:

    OH wheres mine! I’m sure my answers would be very different now

  2. xcricketx Says:

    Don’t ever show anyone mine, it’s ugly.

  3. missangelique Says:

    yeah i remember that ! it was cool

  4. timmccready Says:

  5. timmccready Says:

    that’s why I get everyone to sign model release forms

  6. dontcallmeabe Says:

    When would you consider this “finished”?

    And I would love to be part of it, but I guess we kind of have to meet, don’t we?

  7. brokenandbled Says:

    aha I was such a fucking fag. I do still drink vodka too much, it started so long ago. And my writing still looks like an eight year olds.

  8. timmccready Says:

    when I get at least 1000 profiles then I can consider it finished. When I started it, I figured that if I could get 100 girls to kiss me and take pictures of it, then I should be able to get 1000 profiles.

    Maybe I can mail you a profile, but you’ll have to paste on the picture of you yourself and mail it back to me.

    What’s your address again?

  9. timmccready Says:


  10. dontcallmeabe Says:

    122 woodlawn ave
    martinsburg, pa 16662

  11. kazanovaa Says:

    That’s awesome! I wanna do one. Too bad I’m in London Ontario.

  12. bryn Says:

    I’m afraid to ask if you still have mine. I think it was probably very bad.

  13. bluerainsoda Says:

    i didn’t sign no “release form”.mr you are in trouble

  14. dinktoucher Says:

    dude doesn’t Burton have one? If he does I want to see it I think I remember the picture being taken. Should be fun to see.

  15. littleshadow Says:

    id also like to be a part of it, if you want!;)

  16. dearbirthday Says:

    oh gosh, i enjoy reading those so much!

  17. xcricketx Says:

    You’re supposed to say “No, Selena, it’s not ugly.”

  18. dustinjones Says:

    I remember

    i remember talking about this on your parents balcony. Do you remember talking about this project in depth while ripping down walls and doing other manly tasks. I feel so old talking about this. You should take a vacation and come to windsor for a month. We can rip apart your parents house and talk about permanent record.

  19. superficiallove Says:

    I remember this…

    You should definately finish it.

  20. daniellelittle Says:

    I remeber looking through those….such a sweet idea! Hope finishing goes well.

  21. timmccready Says:

    I thought you were going to be here this weekend?

  22. jammielynn Says:

    i want to do one. i’ll send it back an everything, with a picture and all. please?

    Jammie Tinsley
    1066 Propwash Dr
    Fairbanks, Ak 99709

    i remember when you started those… i thought they were cool… not as cool as the kissing photos… but cool none the less. i can’t believe i’ve been reading your stuff for this many years.

  23. fucking_love Says:

    Dude, get DIgga on that shit.


    what happened to sending Vice to my home monthly!?

  24. daniellelittle Says:

    Ya shitty deal….plans ended up falling through. Me and my friend were going for her birthday and she ended up wanting to go with this dude and they were going on dates and shit so there was no way I wanted to tag along. I think I might be down in the next couple of weekends though. We’ll party! Looks like I missed some pot smoking on the weekend. Hope it was fun. Will drop by when I’m down!

  25. timmccready Says:

    I’ll mail you 2 issues when the August issue gets here. I’ll include a profile in there for you to fill out and send back to me.

    Your sub will start in Sept.

  26. timmccready Says:

    I’ll send one soon.

  27. cravenmorehead Says:

    i love how mine is the most haggard and is also the first one on the project…wow im famous!

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