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Showing now at Mone11 -561 Queen St W Toronto

March 15, 2006

permanent.record by Tim McCready

Collected profiles 2002-2005

Inspired by social networking sites like Friendster, Myspace and, permanent.record is an analogue profile collection on paper. Respondents were welcomed to be as honest or dishonest, put as much or as little as they wished on their profile.

The difference between online profiles and this project is the permanence, and spontaneity of the responses. Once the respondent is finished, they can’t go back and edit, update or change their answers or picture. It’s a snapshot of their state of mind at that moment, and how they wanted to project themselves to the world.

Collected between 2002 and 2005, the project started in Windsor ON, spread into Detroit and Toronto and finally moved onto cruise ships in the Caribbean and Alaska and features respondents from literally all over the world.

Mone11 is displaying for the first time on land, a selection of over 100 profiles from a collection of over 500. Exhibiting from March 10 through ?

March 4, 2006