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August 31, 2006

Belleville was an interesting party as you can see. Yes, that’s her face tattooed on him stomach. No, it’s not his daughter. It’s his babies mama!!

(insert name here) and I stopped by Woodland on the way up to North Bay, the cottage resort my family went to for 3 weeks every summer from when I was 2 until 22.
Arnstein Baptist is the church we’d go to there every summer and man was it boring! It makes me so happy that I never have to go to church anymore. Not even at Christmas!
Bergers is the store where I drank terpentine when I was 3. I was thirsty and found some behind the counter. I had to get my stomach pumped.

I won’t bother posting pictures of North Bay because the party there was the best time I’ve had at any of the parties this summer, and I didn’t get any pictures of the real action anyways.

August 29, 2006

I’ve been reading the Fountainhead by Ayn Rand this week. I’m just over halfway through. There are a lot of great quotes in it. One of them being:

“Don’t worry. They’re all against me. But I have one advantage: they don’t know what they want. I do.”


August 29, 2006

Here’s that ad I wrote about a couple weeks ago that I wrote the copy for and picked the non-VICE Records tracks. It’s in the upcoming Sept issue along with a download card. I think we should’ve had less VICE tracks, and I do like the stuff on the label, but there’s 4 Death From Above songs there which seems excessive.

AND I’ve been a paid subscriber to eMusic for the past 4 months.

August 23, 2006

Holy shit!!! I almost just got mugged at Trinity Bellwoods Park.

I went to the Beaconsfield for a couple of pints and was walking back through Trinity Bellwoods Park at around 1:00 when this black dude came up behind me and said “Gimme yo shit nigga. Gimmie you shit nigga..” and I just said “fuck youuu!” and ran as fast as I fucking could. He tried to slide into my legs on the grass but missed. I kept running until I reached Gore Vale Ave and tripped on the street like it was a horror movie. I looked behind me and this guy is still coming so I got up and ran as fast as I could push myself. I couldn’t tell if he had a weapon, and I had no idea if this guy could fight or not so all I could think was “if I don’t outrun this guy, and it’s possible I might not, I am FUCKED!”

I could hear his friends laughing and cheering for him inside the park. I started fading and my steps were slowing down about 3/4 of the way north towards Dundas and I started getting worried because I was pushing pushing pushing and my body was still slowing down but luckily he faded before I did and I outran him. I was so scared. I didn’t know if I was up against some Ben Johnson/Carl Lewis motherfucker but this time my Aryan genes prevailed! I think it’s the first time in my life I’ve dominated anyone in athletic competition.

I got up to Dundas and called 911 and puked in the flower pot outside the Chelsea Room several times while I talked to the 911 operator and waited until the cops showed up. It was 2 women cops and they were super nice and waited patiently while I puked in the other flower pot several more times. Once I could speak without dry heaving, they took my statement and drove me home.

And that was my night. My arm is a little scraped, but at least I didn’t lose any of my stuff. Party in Belleville Wednesday night!!!!

P.S. I wish I was Charles Bronson in Deathwish.

My new favorite picture

August 19, 2006

Matt Beneteau just posted this in his lj. It’s an old pic of me in my treehouse when I was a kid. I’d say it’s from 6th or 7th grade because it looks pre-braces. My face still looks monkey-like there. I love the hebrew Coca-cola shirt my parents got for me in Israel.

In the summer between 3rd and 4th grade my dad built a treehouse with me in our backyard. At first it was just the small blue part on the left. The next summer we built a porch on it, directly behind me in the picture. Two summers after that, we built the top floor which we ran an extension cord up to and had lights and electrical outlets in. A few summers later we extended the porch and build ladders from the ground to the porch, and porch to top floor. I used to have sleepovers up there, even in the winter. Definitely one of the highlights of my childhood I often forget about. I usually just remember and talk about the bad and awkward things.

August 16, 2006

I’m SUPER busy lately. Running parties, selling ads, putting the bi-monthly VICE cd/dvd together. At the end of September I’m getting trained to take over production of the magazine, which mainly means I collect ads and check specs, but I’m looking forward to learning more about how the magazine is put together every month.

My income directly reflects how many things I’m doing or working on so being busy means I’m making money which allows me to actually go do stuff like see a movie every once in awhile, go out for dinner, buy books I want, and do things like go to the ROM or the AGO, all of which I’ve done in the past month. Living on nothing was sucking ass there for awhile. Nothing to do, and no money to spend is no way to live.

Two of my best friends, Brayden and Dustin are leaving Windsor and moving in with Nick and I in Sept. I am stoked. I wish Dragan was moving here too. The overall forecast is looking good.

If you get the Sept issue of VICE, both Canadian and US editions, there’s a full page ad, and download card insert from eMusic that I sold and organized. It’s sort of an advertorial page, and I wrote the copy. There’s 25 songs available for download for free, and I picked the 12 songs that aren’t on VICE Records. I picked Suicide, David Bazan, the Haunted, Cat Power, Boyd Rice, Black Flag, Poison Idea, Iggy and the Stooges, and a few more. I think one of the great selling points of eMusic is their huge back catalogue of old, and hard to find, or out of print albums that you might have a hard time even finding to download for free. So my list was great songs that you might have a hard time finding or checking out otherwise.

And the Canadian edition of the July through Sept issues have an ad for Oligarchy Clothing I shot the picture for.

This is a really low res version of it. It kind of looks like shit here because it’s so low res. It looks much better in the magazine. The best would be getting it printed with gold ink so the gold the girls are wearing actually shines. I’ve gotta suggest that.