Belleville was an interesting party as you can see. Yes, that’s her face tattooed on him stomach. No, it’s not his daughter. It’s his babies mama!!

(insert name here) and I stopped by Woodland on the way up to North Bay, the cottage resort my family went to for 3 weeks every summer from when I was 2 until 22.
Arnstein Baptist is the church we’d go to there every summer and man was it boring! It makes me so happy that I never have to go to church anymore. Not even at Christmas!
Bergers is the store where I drank terpentine when I was 3. I was thirsty and found some behind the counter. I had to get my stomach pumped.

I won’t bother posting pictures of North Bay because the party there was the best time I’ve had at any of the parties this summer, and I didn’t get any pictures of the real action anyways.

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