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February 27, 2007

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February 26, 2007

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A few of my favorite things

February 25, 2007

Oh Glenlivit, the eraser of my life. When I drink you, life becomes a memory. Oh nice people I meet. With you life doesn’t seem like everyone is a complete disappointing worthless piece of human garbage. Oh girls who smile and laugh and are really drunk. What’s up?

Oh shows with bands that don’t suck, with lots of people I don’t see at every other fucking place I go. How you rarely seem to happen.

Oh girls I’ve met through mutual friends who have boyfriends but have your shit together and have friends that seem pretty alright. My friends are rad and it’s nice to meet new groups of friends who range anywhere between alight and rad, especially when there are no total pieces of shit in the group. Oh fire extinguishers in the park. It’s from my house, I bought it at Canadian Tire earlier today officer. I swear.

Oh Brayden Jones in a Towne Shoppe ad. Who knew celebrity was so easy for you?

Quebexico Montreal and Ottawa Shows

February 12, 2007

This weekend was super fun.

Quebexico got a great response in both cities.

We ate mushrooms in Montreal and went on a hellride.

I’m so tired!

February 9, 2007

RRRR. I’m so fucking pissed today! I feel like punching every single person I know in the face.

Tonight I’m drinking a bottle of scotch or two.

February 8, 2007

If I didn’t already mention, I’ll be in Ottawa Friday and Sunday nights, and Montreal on Saturday hanging out and taking pictures for Quebexico.

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