Hostess Munchies

These used to be the mascots for Hostess potato chips in the 80’s and 90’s. I’m pretty sure they’re not around anymore. I got all 3 of these guys by collecting 100 upc bar codes from hostess products and mailing them in for each one. I think I got them in 1986. I was in the 3rd grade and it’s right before there was a big public awareness campaign against littering. At least that’s how I remember it. I got all those UPC symbols by collecting bags along fences in school yards. I spent so many hours collecting garbage and cutting out the UPC’s I just can’t get rid of them. That’s 300 UPC’s!! Plus, the only other place I’ve ever seen them was at my grandparents house. They’re collectors items!!

This is one of the best finds I’ve gotten in Toronto. My neighbors a few doors down are moving to Gueatemala and for the past year have been throwing out garbage bags full of books. Everytime I’d walk by and see one, I’d bring the bag home. The husband is a designer and the wife is really new agey or something. All the books were about art, design, photography, and self help, NLP, and other shit like that. This book Casual Casual was put out in Toronto in 1986, just down the street from here on Queen Street. It had comics by Peter Bagge, Robert Williams and a ton of other artists. Robert Williams had done some of the artwork for Appetite for Destruction that year so he was sort of big at the time.

The Lager Lads and the Posers were 2 of the bigger bands in the Windsor punk scene circa 1995. The Lager Lads were a few years older than me. They had a black skinhead in their band and were “anti racism” which meant they liked to go around threatening people and acting tough all the time, so those were their claims to fame. I’d started a band called Glue Therapy with Rayney from the poseurs in the 8th grade, and I still have the tape of the 2 songs we recorded; some Red Hot Chilli Peppers song, and Can I Be Your Man?. They’re hot jams.

And of course, Glenlivit. One of the more recent collections around my house.

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