Tim’s Library Hall of Fame

I haven’t read most of these books in 10 years, but here’s what I remember about them. (and please note what good condition most of these books are still in!)

These were part of the Rockpress Publishing series. Gary Hustawit wrote a few of these and was the publisher. Now he runs Plexifilm. There were other titles in the series like Book Your Own Tour by Liz Garo, and the Musicians Guide to the Internet. They were all published in the late 90’s. Networking in the Music Industry had interviews with people like Greg Ginn from SST/Black Flag, Brett Gurewitz from Epitaph/Bad Religion, Daniel House from C/Z Records, Bob Guccione Jr from Spin and people like that. Pretty radddd.

When I was 19, Get In the Van blew my mind. A 20 year old Henry Rollins lives in DC and is best friends with Ian Mackaye from Minor Threat. They are both in love with Black Flag from out in LA. Black Flag comes out to the east coast, play some shows, and ask Rollins to join the band. He quits his shitty job, tells his dad he’s leaving and spends the next 6 years of his life going through hell touring with Black Flag. I decided when I read it, that that was exactly how I wanted to live my life. It hasn’t happened the way I planned but I could be doing worse.

I also read the Satanic Bible when I was 19, which was a contributing factor to me losing my faith in Christianity. I realized Satanism had nothing do to with what I’d been taught it did, and was only published in 1969. It reads quick and makes some sense, so it’s worth reading if you never have before.

Hot Ass is a collection of stories by Chris Estey including the time he told Henry Rollins to get in the van, and the time he burst one of his own testicles. You will never find this anywhere.

I’ve posted about my love for the RE/search collection of books before, but I can’t say enough. These books are unbelievable. This one features William S Burroughs, Bryon Gysin who was buddies with Burroughs for many years and invented the Dreamachine and the cut-up method of writing. Or maybe it’s called cut-up editing. Throbbing Gristle were fans/disciples of both Burroughs and Gysin, had a song called Dreamachine, and invented industrial music. Blah blah blah.

These are great. The shitty crime infested side of Hollywood from way back to the beginning and forward. Ian Clary gave me Hollywood Babylon in highschool if I remember correctly.

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