It could be just my family and the people I had to associate with that believed Satanism was a big threat in the 80’s, but here’s some fine examples of where that came from.

Sybil isn’t really a Satanic Panic book, but it forshadows Michelle Remembers and Satan’s Underground where it’s supposed to be a true story (but it’s not) and crazy people build their whole life philosophy on it. This was really pushed to Evangelical Christians in the 80’s by Focus on the Family and sensationalized on TV by Geraldo Rivera. Of course Geraldo was also great because he had shows featuring GG Allin and getting his broken by skinheads.

Speaking of GG, I’ve watched this documentary probably 30 times now and it still blows my mind. GG’s birth name was Jesus Christ Allin, because his father was insane and said his son was going to be special. GG started playing music in his teens and went apeshit around the time he was 30 and started shitting on stage, fighting and sexually assuaulting audience members. The best part of this dvd is the bonus feature of his last show and the riot that followed, the day before he died. I thought about that show for weeks after I’d seen it for the first time.

Hell’s Bells in another video I can watch over and over and over. It’s a christian anti-rock music educational video. I was probably first shown the tape when I was 12, which is where I learned about every obscure band under the sun that had any sort of satanic reference, like Venom, Christian Death, the Plasmatics, etc… The host, Eric Holmberg must’ve spent years researching and editing this thing, since it’s 8 FUCKING HOURS LONG!! He made a bunch of other videos against abortion, homosexuality, and other fundamentalist topics that I haven’t seen yet, and is also still available for speaking engagements. I would freak out if I ever had the chance to go see him.

And finally, TV Carnage. This one is about mind control and other shit I love. It doesn’t get a description here. It’s just awesome. I have 20 copies in the closet in my room. Feel free to buy one from me.

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