Rockschool with Herbie Hancock

These movies were released in 1987 by Roland Electronics in the UK and hosted by Herbie Hancock. It features interviews and instructional segments with people like Lemmy from Motorhead, Bootsy Collins, and Andy Summers from the Police, and performances by Bronski Beat, Gang of Four and Siouxie and the Banshees. I borrowed these a few times in highschool from Riverside Library. When I found them for sale in the basement there in 1997, I freaked because they were only $1 each and I got the entire set!!!!

Edge of Quarrel in a punks vs straightedge movie starring members of and features performances by Murder City Devils, Botch, and Rocky Votalato. It’s pretty terrible but there’s no other punks vs straight-edge movies, so what can you do?

I found this Hymn Video Magazine in Vancouver when I was working on cruise ships. It’s also terrible, but there is one segment about dumpster diving that’s pretty funny. I don’t know if it’s real or fake, but it’s hilaire.

The Misfits is an okay movie. The crazy thing is all 3 stars were dead within a few months of the movie finishing production.

Another favorite series of mine. All American Advertising, broken down by decade. I’m only missing 30’s and 40’s from the set. It’s broken down into sections like Alcohol and Tobacco, Automotive, and Entertainment. It’s great watching how things have progressed when it comes to trying to influence people and spread a message.

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