I love Winterpeg

I left for Winnipeg with Burton, Cam and Chris on Wednesday night and got back this morning. Burton and Cam had got some job driving up cars from Toronto for their friend Tim Stade.

We left around midnight on Wednesday and didn’t get there until Friday morning.

I went straight to VICE’s printing plant, since that’s the main reason I’d come up and had to justify going to my work.

It’s a crazy operation. Around 300 people work at the plant. They print other magazines there like Mass Appeal and Harp.

We stayed in at Tim Stoddy’s house that night.

The next morning we went for lunch at Cafe 22. Our waitress turned out to be Jacqui, this girl I stayed with for 5 days 7 years ago, the only other time I’d been to Winnipeg. I hadn’t talked to her in at least 5 years. My mind was blown and I couldn’t even talk when it turned out to be her. We don’t have anything super special between us, but I was still blown away to randomly run into her like that. It’s not like Winnipeg is a small town. It has like 600k people there!

I met up with Alen, the designer/layout guy for VICE after lunch. We’d gone out for dinner the night before as well. He introduced me to his friends Nihad and Elvis.

I went to a little birthday party with Nihad before I went to see Tim’s band Coda play.

Coda is metal.

There was a giant kegger at Stades house, the Junker Pad after.

We went to the beach the next day to recover.

Stade showed us purple city, and then we finished the night at Bar Italia.

I slept at the airport and caught a plane back to Toronto this morning.

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