Here’s another walk down memory lane. After I graduated from highschool in June 97, I worked at Staples (Business Depot) for 2 years. The second year I was full time as the paper aisle captain and got Ian Clary hired. Ian and I were both 20 years old, and the only 2 fulltimers on the floor who weren’t managers that were under 30. Think about that for a second, and then realize what a depressing place it was to work.

The one Manager Guy who and had moved down to Windsor from Markham, even broken up with his long term girlfriend to to pursue his management career at Staples. He had a slick backed undercut, tucked in his Staples sweater, and thought he was badazzzzz.

The thing I resented so much about him and the job was that they paid us $8/hour, but he expected us to live and breathe Staples like it was our life, plus he was an unpleasant asshole. I actually took my job seriously enough to keep my aisle well organized and make sure stock was replenished, that new stock coming in was put out right away, keep up the tags with price changes, and make sure overstock was faced flat so it looked good, but it was still easy for there to be nothing more to do.

Since there was often nothing for us to do, but super-Manager Guy would get super-pissed off if he saw us and we didn’t look super-busy, we devised hiding spaces where we could take turns sleeping in the morning, while the other one would cover any phone calls that were paged for us. My favorite is in the first picture where I’m lying down in the paper skid overstock. It was about 12 feet up in the air, and it was my aisle, so the chances of anyone ever finding me were slim.

I remember one time looking around for Ian so i started checking all our regular hiding spots and I came up to the skids where he’s pictured below, and the look on his face was priceless. All he could hear was some steps coming up and thought it might be a manager. Try and explain your way out of that one.

I heard a couple of years later that Manager Guy quit the company because they weren’t promoting him. Serves that asshole right! ha!

2 Responses to “Staples”

  1. Sweet 16: the Chase! « Timothy Alexander McCready Says:

    […] my life’s work, and I think I’ve still got lots of work to do. I don’t consider Staples to be my life’s work. Though I would include Princess Cruises in my life’s […]

  2. Ian Clary Says:

    Oh man, I’m laughing my head off right now. I can clearly remember the feeling of horror that you might be Williamson. Remember how I got turfed out of there? It was one of the best days of my life. And remember “Bin Raiding”?

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