Wonkavision Tapes and Show Posters

I have a binder with all the tape covers and flyers I made from when I was 16 to around 20, though I made the bulk of it when I was 16 and 17. $3 Basement Party was 26 songs written and recorded on the spot over 3 days in June of 1995. It was the end of grade 11, and I’d been trying to start a band since the 7th grade, so when I finally had all the players in place I jumped at the chance and recorded all these songs on my dad’s old reel-to-reel. I was the only person in the band who had a job, and it was a paper-route, so our budget was about $50 for recording and manufacturing. I dubbed all the tapes, designed the cover above and photocopied, cut out, and coloured every single one of them. We sold about 300 copies over a year or so. We played 36 shows in a year and a half, a few of them out of town, and made 4 or 5 tapes. My dad drove us to all but one of the shows.

Since we had no money, I had to make all our flyers photo-copyable. I think I got pretty good at designing show flyers after a few months.

The virgins was our immediate side project follow up to $3 Basement Party. I think we only sold about 100 copies of this tape. Again, all hand cut out and assembled.

We played a show in Woodstock ON, and because friends with a band from there called D.O.T. We played with them in Stratford, London, Woodstock, and Windsor.

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