I have 3 shoe boxes of shit that I’ve saved over the years.

This is a piece of Getalong Gang wrapping paper, from about 1986. I used to have a Getalong Gang pencil case too. I still have it somewhere. The Superhero Stamps are from the 90’s. My question is why do they have Superman in with all these uber-Canadian superheros that nobody has ever heard of before?

I have a box with all the handwritten letters or notes people have ever given me. I never go back and read them, but they’re there. And it’s only a shoebox full. The MC Hammer hologram is from a cereal box. When people come over and look at my stuff I try and take it, it really pisses me off. It’s the prize of my collection!

In 4th Grade I wrote a 3 minute speech for my class about fads and trends. I’d noticed how things would change in value from one year to another like how comic books became worth a lot of money for awhile, and then a couple of years later sports cards were worth a ton of money and comic books weren’t worth much anymore. I wanted to think of something stupid that nobody would ever collect that I could save for 20 years and then be the only person who had that stuff, and maybe it would be worth a lot of money, so I started saving cereal box toys. Unopened in mint condition. I still have a whole shoebox of cereal box toys that I’ve collected ever since. 20 years later, these things aren’t worth anything, but I am the only guy who has them. I’M THE ONLY GUY THAT HAS THEM!!!!

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