Party at the Steiners

These pictures were taken in late 2001 a couple months after I’d turned 23 and it’s the first night I puked from drinking.

It was one of the first times I met Nathan Stein, after a Windsor show at the Gino Marcus Community center with the Deportees, Songs From A Room, and the band from Simcoe whose name I can’t remember. The drummer’s name was Lenny, and he’s in the pictures below with the piercings under his lip. They used to book shows at a Knights of Columbus in Simcoe. There would be no adult supervision, and it’d be a bunch of underage kids shitfaced at a punk show. I started my 100 Kisses project outside that Knights of Columbus.

In the picture behind Nathan, the big Steiner plaque with the bowling pins reminds me how he told me his dad bowled a perfect game once, and how all the people in the bowling alley freaked out when he finished it. All strikes. His family is pretty into bowling.

Evee Dick was the first one to fall asleep that night. He slept in that chair the whole night while we all drank until the morning.

Nathan was only 17 at the time, but he fed us Lakeport Honey Lager from his parents bar all night until we cracked our last beer at 7am, and then passed out at 7:30 on the floor. When his mom woke up, she was really pissed off and made him kick us all out at 8:30.

It was the middle of winter, and I was shitfaced. As soon as I stumbled outside and the light hit my eyes and I immediately had to hold back a puke. These days I would just let it out, but I was not an experienced drinker, It was definitely the worst I’d ever felt as a result of drinking before, and probably one of the sickest post-drinking moments I can remember to this day. It was me Dustin, Chris Redman, and Evee and Johnny Huson who had to pile into the van. The 3 of us were shitfaced, but Evee had slept all night so he had to drive us back to Brayden’s house while we all writhed around in pain in the back.

Evee and Johnny drove back to London ON once we got to the house. Dustin and I stumbled into the house as Brayden was leaving for work. I went straight downstairs and puked a few times in their bathroom sink until everything was out, and then took off all my clothes and climbed in bed with Dustin and we spooned until 3 in the afternoon.

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