DJ Cat Piss and the Mad Rapper @ S.C.E.N.E.fest

Kathryn Borel and I made this promo shot for Toronto’s hottest new dj, DJ Cat Piss. His parties are so underground that only 7 people show up. They deter posers from sticking around by smoking weed and not passing the joint, and prepping each party by spraying the loft from top to bottom with cat piss. If you’re not really into music, all you can do is think about how much it stinks, but true audiophiles get turned on by the beats. That’s true school.

We ran into the mad rapper on Friday night on the way to the Beaconsfield. I’m putting out a white label 12″ next month with him and DJ Cat Piss. It’s the first time they’ve worked together. Contact me if you spin vinyl and want to get on my service list.


After 10 days of not drinking, I went on a bender for Wed, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. I already feel like I could take another 10 or 20 days off.


I went to St Catherines with Songs From A Room yesterday for S.C.E.N.E.fest. I saw that emo guy from Canadian Idol there. He wasn’t performing. Just hanging out.

New SFAR here: I have to speak my mind though, and say the picture on their myspace is an abomination.

For full disclosure, I did not take the pic on the left, I did take the pic on the right. If you’re going to argue that I don’t like the left picture because I didn’t take it, then you can be right. You win, I’m not going to discuss that.

For those of you still reading, in the pic on the left everyone looks like they’re in pain or upset, it doesn’t provide a context, and it makes them look like a generic early 90’s alternative band. The pic on the right says something. It says we like food. We’re men. We have facial hair. We’re not vegetarians. We drink beer/we’re not straight edge. We hang out together and it’s fun. I declare it my Best Band Picture Ever Taken. Nobody had to agree with me for me to be right.


I went to see Quebexico at Sneaky Dee’s when I got back from St Catherines. They’re breaking up in the fall after they do their East Coast tour. Everyone except for Davey is in their new band though, TEENANGER, and Melissa Ball is playing bass.

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