new books!

Here’s some of the books I’ve picked up in the past few weeks.

The Third Mind is only a loaner from Tasman Richardson. I started reading the first chapter and already it’s so heavy, but good. As soon as a read a page I want to get stoned and think about it for 3 hours.

I’m about halfway through Wired, the John Belushi story. I read on Wikipedia that his wife Judy, Dan Akroyd and others that were close to him were really helpful with being interviewed for the book but they were all pissed off with the final result and didn’t feel the book represented the Belushi they knew. It’s still a good read.

I’m stoked to read the insults and theories of comedy books. I’ve already read an expose book about Scientology called Bare Faced Messiah that was really good but I figured it was only a dollar so I may as well add it to my collection.

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