Details, Index, Vanity Fair Magazine Archive

I had to get rid of a lot of magazines a couple of months ago, but I’ve still got a lot. I think I’ve still got a lot of Guitar and Spin magazines from the early 90’s downstairs in a box somewhere.

These are the only issues I have left from Details back in 1994. It was sort of like GQ for grunge survivors. Kind of mainstreamish, but just a little bit edgy that they’d have people like Henry Rollins and Morrissey on the cover. On the right is a copy from the late 80’s. I’m pretty sure Details folded for awhile in the early 90’s came back as the incarnation I read, folded again, and now it’s back putting people like Tom Brady on the cover. I could be wrong though.

HM (short for Heaven’s Metal) started in the 80’s as a Christian Metal zine by Doug Van Pelt. He kept growing it over the years and is still around. The name shortening to HM happening in the early 90’s because “metal” because such a dirty word for a few years after Nirvana came out. I interned for 2 months there in Austin TX in spring 2000. The Extol issue is the one I worked on. I wrote a lot of the reviews and a few stories. It was probably the best internship I ever did because Doug was willing to teach me the most.

The image shifted a bit after I left and tried to become a little more up to date. I believe Jason Dodd from Bandoppler was still the assistant editor when the 100th issue came out. Derek Hess drew the cover. I heard earlier this week that Hess is writing a book now called Please God Save Us From Your Followers.

This issue of MOJO with Iggy Pop and Jack White on the cover is one of the only issues I’ve ever owned. It’s a such a great rock-nerd mag, and covers all eras of rock music instead of just new stuff. I don’t know why I never got more into it.

I had a subscription to Index in 2002. It was a NYC arty magazine that Jesse Pearson, the current Editor in Chief of VICE, used to be one of the editors at. I’m guessing he left shortly after that era because he’s been at VICE for awhile. Index is gone now, but if you check the list of contributors, there’s been a high amount of crossover between the 2 mags.

The full interview archive is online:

The first time I read Vanity Fair was their first November Music Issue at Ava’s house I think in 2000. I was surprised it wasn’t a womens magazine. I was also surprised the Elvis Costello has contributed his list of 400 best albums of all time. These are 3 more of the annual music issues they’d do every november and they are fucking great. Considering. I don’t think they did a music issue in 2006. I haven’t read Vanity Fair in over a year now, but when I worked on cruise ships I used to read it from cover to cover every month.

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