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Weekend Roundup

September 10, 2007

Holy shit is everyone hungover after this weekend. Friday night was the Yeah Yeah Yeahs party. It was insane.

I felt like a ball of shit the next morning but I went to Vfest with Andrea anyways.

Songs From A Room played at the Bovine that night.

VICE also had a movie premier at the filmfest for Heavy Metal in Baghdad, so after the Bovine show, I went to the movie afterparty at the Drake that Nick Zinner from the YYY’s and Dennis Chow djed.

We went to Vfest again the next day. Smashing Pumpkins were good, but overall the rides were more interesting than the bands. Blonde Redhead was really good too.

I convinced Jon to participate in a Levi’s model search thing. I figured it was something we could all make fun of him for, for at least a couple weeks.

Nick and I went for gyros once we got back to the mainland and then to the Drake to catch a bit of Peter Hook’s dj set at the Underground. It was good I guess, but it’s Peter Hook! That guy was in Joy Division and New Order!!