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Food Blog Day 4

September 27, 2007

I’d like to note that I haven’t been taking pictures of my water bottle, which is an old glass Minute Maid cranberry juice bottle that I drink from all day everyday.

Yesterday I had breakfast from Skyline Diner, across the street from our office. Bacon, eggs over easy, hash browns, white toast, and coffee. I ordered brown toast but they always fuck up their orders. It’s only $6, tax included for breakfast before 11, which I think is a good deal, so I never complain. I had a double Americano from Salvadore Darling later.

For lunch I biked over to Liberty Village to Famous BBQ for Chicken Kuma on rice, salad with ranch dressing and cold pasta. Also an amazing deal at $6.88 tax all in.

I had a salad at home when I got home from work and a couple of beers left over from the party the other night.

I got a few boxes of Kashi Go Lean for free in the mail awhile ago as some sort of promotion they were doing. I had some of that with plain yogurt.

I also had my first drink of scotch from my new Salesmans Night Cap scotch glass Adrienne got me a few weeks ago, and then ended my day the way I started; with eggs! 3 hardboiled eggs with sea salt.