Jager Time

When I got home from work yesterday, the house across the street had been demolished. It was there in the morning. Kind of strange.

Jon and I went to a party at Extreme Fitness after work. It’s funny. They get you drunk and then try and convince you to sign up for an expensive gym membership. We just went for an hour or so for free food and booze. There were a lot of devastatingly hot girls there. I’m assuming they were all models that were invited/hired, not actually girls who work out there.

This is not one of the devastating girls. But she had a funny outfit on.

We stopped by the Silver Dollar after to see the Golden Hands Before God but it turns out they weren’t playing until midnight. I had the best of intentions of coming back after the Jager party but I got too drunk and didn’t leave there until 3am.

On our way to the Jager party we saw a bunch of fire trucks around Kensington Market. It was forshadowing of what would happen later.

Nick decided he didn’t want to come to the party, and Jon hadn’t RSVPed so he was Nick.

The Lizard guy was there and stuck a bunch of things like scissors and a corkscrew in his nose.

Jon and I met up with Ryan at my house after and he insisted on setting my toaster oven and one of our chairs on fire. I made him promise to buy me and Jon lunch and to replace everything he burned. And we put firecrackers in the bbq. One of the neighbors called 911 and the fire department and police showed up.

I got a free watch at the party.

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