Fred Perry Party with Black Mountain and Andre Ethier

Fred Perry Canada recently changed hands so the new owners threw a party last night at the Boat in Kensington Market to celebrate.

That’s a Fred Perry laurel on the Vespa if you couldn’t tell.

Andre Ethier and Black Mountain played. That’s Andre sitting outside eating fish and chips.

I brought my big camera with me as an incentive to stay sharp and not get too drunk and make an ass of myself as I often do when there’s an open bar. I’m a bit out of practice with it. I made this server guy pose for this picture 4 times and his face is still super washed out. I’m not so good with SLR cameras after 4 beers. Go figure.

That’s a deep fried Mars Bar in my hand in the picture above.

Black Mountain played. They are awesome if you like Black Sabbath. I do.

BTW, if you haven’t seen this Andre Ethier video before, it’s amazing. It came out about 6 months ago and it’s one of my favorite music videos this year, if not my favorite.

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