Ferocious Shredding Power

It looks kind of like a coffee machine, but it’s a paper shredder. I’ve been wanting a paper shredder for 10 years. Since I worked at Staples.

I always feel like my identity will be stolen when I purge all my receipts and paperwork. So today I cleaned my room, went to Staples and picked up this beast for $50. Kind of crazy because there were other shredders going for up to $200 and this was the best looking one, and it’s heavy duty use. There are a lot of light use ones for sale, but I wanted something substantial. I bungee corded it to the back of my bike and had to ride slow on the way home.

It doesn’t say on the box exactly how much it weighs but it’s at least 5 pounds. I have shredded many receipts today and it felt like a party. I tried shredding a cd too, just to make sure it works. It does.

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