Thankgiving Weekend

Yesterday was a holiday here for Canadian Thanksgiving. Just about everyone I know was out of town for the weekend, and I stayed here on purpose to relax, read, and get some stuff done.

I cleaned my room on Saturday and put away my bong and grinder, thinking “I’m going to be productive for awhile. I don’t need to smoke weed anymore”. By that evening I was scraping my grider with a swiss army knife trying to get any dust and residue I could.

My roommate Kirsten and her friend Holly spent Sunday making Thanksgiving dinner for a few of us.

We ate in the backyard, played some board game called Would You Rather…? that I got for Christmas last year, and then they went to a show. I went to bed early.

Yesterday I went for a bike ride in High Park. I did not try anything on those ramps. My bike is a death trap and I would be in the hospital right now.

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