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Moat for the Castle

October 18, 2007

This doesn’t relate to anything current other than it getting cold, but I’ve been wanting to post this story for awhile.

When I came home from Cruise ships for the second and final time in early December 2004, Brayden, Dustin, Nick, Ryan Burton and Matt Benteau all came to pick me up at Windsor airport. We all smoked a joint, my first in about a year, and drove to my parents new house. They’d sold their old house while I was away, put all my stuff in storage, and bought a new place to fix up.

The foundations of the basement were cracked and they need to replace the furnace so they ripped out the basement floor, the outside walls, and put the house on stilts. So I came home stoned to a house I’d never been to before, on stilts and I had to walk over a drawbridge to get into the front door.

I got hired at VICE a week or so after I got home but still had another month before moving to Toronto, so I’d go out every night with either Dustin or Dragan, get shitfaced, and then come back to my parents place, which had no furnace, so we’d sleep on the ground under a blanket next to a wood burning stove on the sun porch, which was the only source of heat for the whole house. None of my stuff was there, and I was in between jobs and cities so there wasn’t much else for me to do other than party. Besides, I’d barely seen my friends in the previous year and I was moving so I wanted to get as much time with them as I could.

I spent a whole month freezing my ass off every night beside that wood burning stove.