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London Calling

November 29, 2007

I flew into London last night to visit Dragan and have a bit of a vacation.

We went out to the Old Blue Last and ran into Simon and Wolf. We went to some dj’s house after for drinks.

Dragan and I walked around the city today to do some sight seeing. I’m here for a week!

Jessi Nader’s Gift Pack

November 27, 2007

I mailed jessinader this Jagermiester watch and told her to just send me something back as a surprise. All the stuff below is what came in the package she sent me!

Jon and I got these shirts in the mail today from Actual Pain. Can you guess who’s 5 years older by the gut?

When Transvestites Attack!

November 27, 2007

When Transvestites Attack

Santa Crump is Coming To Town

November 27, 2007

I went to the Parkdale Craft fair with Adrienne on Sunday. I bought soap with a turtle in it and this self help writing book.

This video is just some minutia of our Detroit trip and something from the Parkdale Craft Fair.

Our Weekend Trip to Detroit.

November 25, 2007

I went for a day trip with Adrienne, Jon and Melissa to Detroit yesterday.

We stayed at my parents place in Windsor on Friday night. They live about 5 minutes drive from the border. I slept in my usual place near beside the fire on the sunporch. Jon stayed in the single bed room with Beatrix Potter sheets. The girls shared another room.

We went to Detroit first thing the next morning to check out the DIA’s Grand Re-opening. They’d been open the last 24 hours and had free admission. The DIA has the fifth largest permanent collection in North America.

We went to Slow’s for lunch after. It’s fucking amazing. Brayden had mentioned it a few times in the last months to me so I figured it must be worth trying. We all loved it and thought our waitress was cute.

We went down to Hart Plaza so I could get a picture of the Windsor skyline, and I gave them an abandoned house tour on the way back to the Motown Museum.

I worked a couple of cruises with Willy Tyler on Princess Cruises. My first day as an employee I was supposed to be doing spotlight for him and missed my cues because I was talking to some girls. Ooops. He seemed like a really quiet nice guy.

I had a plan to show the difference between the Windsor and Detroit skylines, since Windsor’s looks really tiny in comparison, but we didnt’ get back across the border to Windsor until after dark.

We drove back to Toronto and were home by midnight! Just in time for Kathryn Borels party where her place got wrecked, Jon and I peed out her bedroom window, and somebody spilt beer on her stereo so this guy had to play fiddle to keep the party going.


November 23, 2007

Hotdog Magazine began publishing in the late 70’s as part of Scholastic. It’s probably the first magazine I ever read in the 1st grade. I forgot about it until recently, but haven’t had much luck finding any background info about it other than a brief mention near the back of this article about Scholastic in the New York Times from early 1988.

These 4 covers were the only ones I could find.

I think I had the Smurfs and Fonzie issues. And maybe one with Mr T on the cover but I could just be making that up.

Does anyone else remember reading Hotdog?