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You can’t own it all.

December 18, 2007

I’m in Montreal. This is the “funeral wreath” that got left on our office door here a month or 2 ago, which freaked out our accountants enough they were convinced it was a death threat and called the police. We’re planning to move offices in the next couple of months because of it. Seriously.

On the drive up here yesterday I realized I hadn’t secured a place to stay, or made plans for the night. I asked Ryan if I should’ve found a place to stay and he said we got a hotel.

Everyone I called yesterday was either busy or couldn’t go out that night so I was stuck at the hotel for awhile. I was worried I was going to be stuck in a shitty Motel 8 by myself but it turned out we were booked for the Opus Hotel.

It’s strange because when I went to NYC in July I had to sleep in my car one night, and slept on the office couch another night. My fortunes change constantly.

I didn’t mind getting stuck there alone, since the place was so nice. I went for a walk, smoked a joint, bought a couple of magazines, came back to take a shower and sat in bed stoned reading the new Maisoneuve and Vanity Fair.

I ended up meeting Ryan and his buddy later for drinks at Billy Kun.