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2007: A Summer in Photos

January 10, 2008

Courtney Maclaren July 2004.

January 10, 2008

Tattoo Cock Parlour

January 10, 2008

Songs From A Room played at Tattoo Rock Parlour last night. For those of you not from Toronto, it’s a new rock venue / dance bar / restaurant / tattoo parlour on Queen West. Sort of the Honest Ed’s Department Store of rock venues. It’s partly owned by Edwin who used to be the singer of I Mother Earth.

When I got there with Curtis and Adrienne, we met Craig outside and he told us it’s how Satan’s bar in Hell would look in a movie. Or a porn set.

If you like Nu-Metal, you’ll like Tattoo. They paid SFAR a decent amount to play there, so at least they value the bands they book, and there’s something to be said for that.

When I went to the bar the jock meathead bartender with 20″ biceps and no tattoos was moving slower than I’ve ever seen a bartender move before. I felt like he was actually trying to goad me into getting upset or to be a dick to him, so I had to step back and breath deeply and make sure my face was relaxed to not give in. I found it kind of infuriating because if he was a bouncer, I expect them to be assholes to me and I’m actually okay with that. As soon as I’m in the door I forget what an asshole the bouncer was. But for bartenders there’s a certain minimum level of service I expect, and by service I mean speed! I want to get drunk RIGHT NOW. If you want to be a power-tripper, be a bouncer, not a bartender. Incidentally, the bouncers there are oddly courteous. After they mark your hand they say “Welcome to Tattoo”. Oh, and Edwin, I was just joking about that “jock meathead” thing. Don’t tear me apart with those 20″ pythons.

Before we went to the show Adrienne found this exercise bike in the bushes in front of my house. I wonder how long it’s been there? I like that Eric’s scarf is homemade and has his name on it. Scarfs are great homemade gifts.

a. I found these dice and domino’s on the street last night.
b. My tribute to Ellen Jong
c. There mattresses were in the garbage. Lots of gross red/brown stains on there.

Tuesday night party triptych