Dodgeballing II: Chris Budd’s 30th Birthday

James Mejia curated an art opening on Friday that I stopped by with Adrienne and Nicole early in the night. There’s some good stuff there for sale. Show is up until the end of the month. The guy at the top left was Drunk Captain Buzzkill. Save your stories of woman troubles and waking up in the drunk tank for your blog! I was home and in for the night by 9:30 to eat a Hero Burger and Poutine.

I found this mural in my house. I got too drunk on Tuesday night and fell on my Dreamachine while I was getting into bed.

I played dodgeball with a bunch of people on Saturday for Chris Budd’s 30th birthday party. We all paid $20 to play and it went to a Music Therapy Charity. Mine and Nick’s team The Nevernudes got to the championship against 7 other teams but we lost. It was close.

I ran some a couple errands today and when I came back to my house there were 4 cop cars outside. They were just arresting some guy in one of the houses across the street. I guess this means I live in a rough neighborhood.

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