More weird pictures of me as a kid.

This is from the church in Sarnia, ON that my dad was a youth pastor at for a few years. I was born in Sarnia and we moved to Windsor when I was 2.

Some of these photos look sort of stretched to me. I’m scanning them onto my old PC laptop because my slide/negative scanner won’t work on a mac.

I’m the one with no shirt on.

I was sick in this picture. I made this thing out of Construx so I could read my bible quizzing book without using my hands.

I don’t remember where I was. Probably some Christian Service Brigade tour of a Police Station. I have braces I’m so I was probably in grade 6 in this picture.

9th Birthday.

10th Birthday.

Christmas in grade 7. This would be 1989? I got a bike! I look stoked!

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