Nic K, Bus Disaster Survivor!

This may just be a rumor, but I heard Nic Kazamia got hit by a bus on Tuesday night. The bus ran straight over him but didn’t crush him and he’s back at work today. This sounds totally ridiculous and unlikely, but as an aficionado of the bizarre and unlikely I’ll believe anything.

In his honor, I’m posting a bunch of old cruise ship pictures from 2004 that he requested to see a week or 2 ago.


My ship during an 11 day dry dock we spent in Victoria, BC. The deck with the windows, just below all the balconies is Deck 7. Deck 14 is the top deck/dining area (there is no 13 it’s bad luck), and there’s some smaller decks above that like where the tennis court is, so I think it goes up to Deck 17. My room was on Deck 3, Deck 4 is the floor they start having windows at. Mexican and Filipino kitchen workers lived on Deck 1.

1000 crew members, and 2000 passengers.

View passing through the Panama Canal.

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