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10 Songs

February 1, 2008

1. The Plasmatics – Masterplan
I can’t decide if this or Sex Junkie is my favorite song from this album. Masterplan’s lyrics are mostly just Wendy O Williams repeating the word “Masterplan” and words that sort of rhyme with it like Superman, Ku klux Klan, Macho Man, and Delivery Man. But Sex Junkie starts with the line “This is for all of you who don’t get enough. It’s called Sex Junkie” so it’s a tie.
2. Anti-Nowhere League – Animal
Sometimes when I’m drunk at parties I get this song in my head. “I’m an Animal, I’m a sexual pervert! I’m an animal, I’m a living abortion!”
3. Teenage Fanclub – Alcoholiday
emperor3d posted an itunes list with this song in it last week. In 9th grade it was the kind of song for me that made me so depressed and feel so good at the same time.
4. Nils – Scratches and Needles
5. CH3 – Indian Summer

Shawn Duguay lent me a bunch of old hardcore records when I was in OAC (Grade 13) in 1996/97 and the Something To Believe In comp that BYO put out in the early 80’s was one of them. These are my 2 favorite songs from that comp, and I just found them again this week.
6. Cappadonna – Slang Editorial
I hated this album when I first got it in highschool. I got really into it somehow a couple of years ago. This is the first song on that album. I love repeating his opening line “That’s how it be like in my mic. Gotta know how to adjust that shit.” VICE did a great interview with him titled Cabadonna a few years back when he was down and out and driving an unlicensed cab to get by. I can’t find it in the archives now though.
7. Cannibal Corpse – I Cum Blood
All it’s taking me to get into songs on this list are the spoken word openings. This song is as good as any other Cannibal Corpse song, but Chris Barnes saying “This next song, is about shooting blood out of your cock” and growling “I CUM BLOOOOOOOOOD” destroys everything.
8. Teenage Fanclub – the Concept
This is the first song on their second album Bandwagonesque. I was hooked on Teenage Fanclub right from the opening feedback on this track when I was in 8th or 9th grade. This album is great, their first album A Catholic Education is even better, the album following this Thirteen is an abomination and a pile of shit and I’ve never given them a chance again after that. I still hate them for releasing such a pile of shit and me paying money for it. That was more than 10 years ago. Yes, I hold grudges against bands.
9. Faith No More – Everythings Ruined
Are these guys a guilty pleasure? I feel like they should be. I only like this album Angeldust. I guess The Real Thing is okay too. The first time I watched Saturday Night Live they were the musical guest, and I wondered if the bands were supposed to be a joke/funny too because Mike Patton was climbing up on the exhaust fan at the back of stage left and acting like a retard.
10. Momus – Lucky Like St. Sebastian
Great song. I don’t know a lot of Momus’s albums, but Circus Maxiumus is the best one I’ve heard. imomus is his livejournal. This guy is such a fucking crazy genius. I half aspire to live a life like his someday. His journal entries are so long, detailed, and he posts once or twice everyday. I can’t read them all but I find the type of knowledge, and the amount of it that he’s able to retain and output awes me a bit. His lifestyle of trotting around the world writing, playing shows, and doing other gallery projects a huge inspiration.

I Know How To Name Em

February 1, 2008

Songs From A Room and Teenanger both got reviewed in Exclaim this month!

At least they like the packaging.