Vegas Baby

Brayden, Dustin, Nick, Johnny B and I went to Vegas for 3 days for Brayden’s bachelor party.

Jaime bought us some Travel Johns for the van ride down to Windsor since we were flying out of Detroit.

This truckstop scale it total bullshit. It said I weigh 196lbs, Nick weighs 174lbs, Brayden 206, and Dustin 220.

We spent Sunday night at Marentette House.

We went to PF Changs for dinner on Monday night, checked out some of the casinos, and the Griffin.

Tuesday hellakitty and adi-rose (who were totally on point with the local hangouts they recommended for us) picked us up and took us to the Saphire and then to the Revolution Lounge to see the Icarus Line play.

I stole this picture of pinkdiesels from her myspace. She got our whole group into the bar, got us into VIP, introduced us to all of her friends, and made sure we all had a good time!

My camera died right after I got to the bar because I’d brought the wrong camera charger so I have no pictures of the Icarus Line, the party we had at our hotel room after at the Hooters Hotel Casino, or the party that ensued for the 20 hours following in which I did not sleep at all.

I would write more but my brain is not blipping fast enough to update this journal, catch up on all my work I missed, and not freak out. It was a great time though and you girls seriously made our trip! I love Vegas!

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